Different types of ear plugs will be appropriate for different patient. 


Often young children struggling with recurrent middle ear infections or who received grommets, would be fitted with swim plugs. These plugs aim to prevent water from entering the ear and ear canal.  It is very important to remember that these plugs will need to be replaced regularly – more or less when your child’s shoe size change!


Protection against harmful sounds such as loud music, guns shots, industrial noise and even vuvuzela’s is very important!   You can buy ready-made plugs from your pharmacy, but a custom-made hearing protector will be more beneficial.


Custom-made hearing protectors are made by taking an impression of the patient’s ears and this means that these plugs will only fit into one individual’s ears.  It also has a fixed or adjustable filter to attenuate loud sounds effectively.  New technology products also offer the option of having a hearing protector to prevent damage to the auditory mechanism as well as a hearing aid, to improve environmental wareness.  These products are ideal for hunters!


We also offer musician plugs, sleep plugs and motorcycle plugs!